Advancing the Knowledge-Base Resource
to Strengthen Asian Family Businesses 
By Asians for Asians

Introducing AIM-BIRLA

The Basant and Sarala Birla Professorial Chair in Asian Family Corporations (BIRLA) is Asian Institute of Management (AIM)’s center of knowledge for family businesses in Asia. Established in 2012, BIRLA has been working over the last five years in both fundamental and applied research related to family businesses in Asia. BIRLA works closely with Asian Family Firms to strengthen their businesses by providing innovative strategies to manage their challenges and ensure their sustainable growth.

Our Benefactor

From a mere surname Birla, the name has morphed into a known global brand, “the Birla”. Across India, “the Birla” is often used in as a colloquial term in households to signify lasting prosperity. Today, almost two hundred years after the beginning of the Birla legacy, four generations of family leadership have built the legendary Birla name. The journey from being a proper noun to an adjective was highly eventful, managed through sheer grit and determination to build a lasting legacy based on a strong foundation.

For Businesses

The Basant and Sarala Birla Professorial Chair in Asian Family Corporations provides a broad range of services to Asian family firms.

Training Workshops

We organize training sessions on a regular basis related to those topics and challenges issues that are specific to family business. These events are designed both for family business owners and for non-family members, such as professional managers, that work for family businesses. In addition, we provide personalized consultancy sessions tailored to the needs of specific Family firms.

Networking Events – BIRLA’s Breakfast Forum *

In the BIRLA Breakfast Forums, representatives of family business corporations are invited to give a talk and share their experience on specific topics related to the challenges, opportunities and specificities of their family business. These Forums are also a great opportunity for networking.

* Attendance at these events is free of charge.

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Research & Education


Asian Family Business Survey

The Asian Family Business Survey will gather a wide range of data from Filipino Family Business, specifically on the topic of stewardship.

STEP Survey

BIRLA is partnering with Global STEP Project to launch a survey about the ‘Impact of changing demographics on succession and governance’ of Family Businesses.


Asian Family Business Case Competition

BIRLA organized the first Asian Family Business Case Competition (AFBCC) at AIM’s headquarters from 25 to 27 July 2018.

Teacher Training Program on Family Business Management

Family Business Management is one of the elective subjects that business schools can offer in the delivery of the Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship program.

Support our Research and Activities

Your support is critical for the continuity of our programs. The donations may occur in many forms. Contact us at to learn more about the sponsorship packages and the benefits of your donation.