For Family Businesses

The Basant and Sarala Birla Professorial Chair in Asian Family Corporations
provides a broad range of services to Asian family firms. 

Training Workshops

We organize training sessions on a regular basis related to those topics and challenges issues that are specific to family business. These events are designed both for family business owners and for non-family members, such as professional managers, that work for family businesses.

In addition, we provide personalized consultancy sessions tailored to the needs of specific Family firms.

Networking Events – BIRLA’s Breakfast Forum

In the BIRLA Breakfast Forums, representatives of family business corporations are invited to give a talk and share their experience on specific topics related to the challenges, opportunities and specificities of their family business. These Forums are also a great opportunity for networking. Attendance at these events is free of charge.

Our Magazine – Vansh Shastra

The Vansh Shastra – which means “family dynasty” and “compendium” in Sanskrit, respectively, – is a quarterly publication that gathers research and literature review of emerging topics on family businesses. It serves academia, family business, and non-family business managers.

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Family Businesses Blog

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